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Field Trips

Roller skating is an activity enjoyed by people of all ages, is timeless and a great way to burn energy. We invite you to bring your students to the largest skate floor in the Midwest and let them gain confidence and enjoy a couple hours of skating. Sessions are available all week, morning or afternoon. The kids will have access to the full arcade and the snack bar during the session as well. Our staff will play interactive games like four corners, limbo, races, hokey pokey and the chicken dance with the kids and take requests for all of their favorite songs! Our packages start at $7 per child and includes regular skate rental (40 kids minimum). Kids may also bring their own skates. Call Kirsten at 815-946-9988 or email at Or fill out the form below!

Looking for healthy ways to engage students?

Here’s another great reason to go skating. Roller skating is a unique way to achieve health benefits while having fun all at the same time. The average person can burn 350 calories by skating at a rate of 6 miles per hour. This number increases to 600 calories if the skater averages 10 miles per hour. This is the basic equivalent of calories burned in jogging. Roller skating is also recommended by the American Heart Association as an aerobic fitness sport.

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We can customize any skating party with food, drinks, glow sticks, etc. Please call or email Kirsten 815-973-5810 for more details.